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Glitter Juice Espresso (Washed/Natural) - Mexico & Ethiopia

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How do you like your beans

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✨  An Espresso that'll make your palate sparkle 

We are insanely proud to share with you our ever-evolving Espresso Blend, Glitter Juice. Featuring a Colombia & Ethiopia blend, we feel this thing hits the mark for all that we look for in Espresso, providing a perfect shot for any application. Juicy and complex, this stuff cuts through milk like it ain't no thang, and is just as good on its own if that's your vibe. 

While we do tend to keep this stuff locked in for months on end, we do occasionally switch it up depending on the season and availability. Nothing crazy here folks, we won't break what isn't broke!

📝  Specs

Tastes: Sparkly Strawberries & Caramel Toffee
FeelsDavid Bowie, a bottle of wine, & his undivided attention
Side: *Up Side

Origin: Mexico / Ethiopia 
Process: Mexico (Washed) - Ethiopia (Natural)
Importer: West Coast Coffee Trainers

📖  Story

'MORE SPARKLE' Dave screeched at the long line of cupping cups in front of them. They had been at it for weeks, experimenting with different combinations of different coffees, some worked, others a downright disgrace as they made their way across their palettes. Most were delicious but lacking something they both knew was inherent in all memorable 'spros. 

That thing was Sparkle.

Nathanael tipped precisely 7 more naturally processed beans from Ethiopia into their next sample dose, and was off to the grinder. After so many failed attempts all in search for the bestest, most sparkliest espresso known to man, he was beginning to doubt whether they might ever actually blend together the blend they were looking for. He hated that word, 'blend' - what they were doing, it wasn’t 'blending' - they were creating an integration of hundreds of flavours, some so delicate you may have even imagined them into existence. They were creating something meaningful from things that had meaning on their own. Something Artful. Elegant. Sparkly.

The pressure of finding what they were looking for was getting to them. Their Caffeine Blood Levels, probably unsafe. Clothes, covered in coffee dust. Cadence, 3 - 4 times faster than necessary. Yet they carried on, it was work that needed to be done. Honest, important work. They pulled the next shot, labelled 9117734. 

As the obnoxious slurping sounds rang from the roastery, Dave crumpled to his knees. They had done it. They had done it! This was fer-sure the sparkliest Espresso he had ever slurped. He looked over at Nathanael who had climbed on top of the roaster and was riding it like a horse, repeating ‘IT KEPT IT CRISPY’ over and over again in between slurps.

Shot 9117734.

Glitter Juice.

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