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Eco Discount

We offer a 10% discount on drinks for any of the following 

1. Bring in your own mug 

2. Ride a bike in or walk to the cafe 

At Bright Jenny Coffee, we do our best to run a sustainable business. Here are some ways we are doing this, and some things we are working towards, we are not perfect, but we try our best and are constantly evolving. 

Coffee Bags

We are very proud to say that Bright Jenny Coffee bags are 60% compostable, and made from 100% renewable resources.

We also offer discounted pricing on "fill your own container" any container will do, we charge by the ounce. 

In the Cafe

Anything served 'to-go' is in compostable cups and lids or containers. Our cups are made of 100% renewable sources. Where possible we've moved away from using plastic across all operations. 

We use HAY! Straws® which are 100% biodegradable, gluten free, all natural straws made from hay! Cool hay?

Power Consumption

Our airy cafes are lit by mostly sunlight in the day through our massive garage doors, windows and skylights. What very little light we need from bulbs is all LED. 

Our Roaster runs off of natural gas - unfortunately this is the only way to do it at this time, as we have not found a roaster that can produce good tasting results that runs any other way. Again, not perfect, but we're keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest! 


Our pals at Spa Hills Compost pick up our compost bins every week. We throw everything we can in there to reduce the amount of garbage we have going into the landfill. This includes the coffee chaff from the coffee roasting, all spent coffee grounds, cardboard and paper products, food waste etc. 

We would love to start donating excess chaff and coffee grounds consistently to a local farmer. If that's you, or someone you know, fire off an email to!


Roasting coffee produces a bunch of what we call 'Chaff', or the silver skin of the coffee seed which flakes off during roasting and is collected in a container.

Currently, this stuff is going into the compost, but we would love to donate to local farms for mulch in hen houses or for composting. Again, if you or someone you know needs this, please, contact us! 

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