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El Paraíso 92 Gold, Washed w/ Thermal Shock, Colombia

El Paraíso 92 Gold, Washed w/ Thermal Shock, Colombia

Prepare for your next flashbulb coffee moment. This one will be memorable.

First thing's first, get your setup primed, and queue up the playlist below. We feel it provides a great backing track for enjoying this coffee.



Ratio: 16:1
Dose: 22g
Volume: 350g
Temp: 98°
Pre Infusion: 60g, 45s
Brew Time: 2.5 - 3m


Tastes: Melted Freezies, Red Kool-Aid, Grape Gummies
Feels: Like you've just gotten the Red Fire Flower in Super Mario
Side: *Far Side

Origin: Colombia
Region: Piendamó, Cauca
Farm: Granja Paraíso 92
Varietals: Bourbon
Process: Washed with Thermal Shock
Altitude: 1900 masl
Fermentation: 100 hour Double Fermentation (52 hour, 48 hour)
Importer: Macarena Café


From Macarena Café

Paraíso 92 is a family farm that uses highly innovative farming systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shading and laboratory nutrition count aimed to produce a unique coffee. Paraiso 92 has a processing plant, microbiology lab and quality lab.

They are able to produce coffees through different processes such as washed, Natural, Honey and anaerobic coffees (single and twice fermentation).

In terms of technology, all the equipment and machinery is designed by the producer, assembled in the farm by him with the help of his brother.
The use of bioreactors and specific microorganisms for controlled fermentation coupled with a constant control and monitoring of factors such as temperature, pH, brix degrees and electric conductivity make El Paraiso 92 ́s coffee to stand out from the rest and offer a value added like no other. All this allow the producer to have distinct, unique and standardized profiles and notes. Drying machines at the farm don’t use fossil fuels and only need moderate electric energy for their
operation avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

Fermentation Process

The processes applied to all the coffees start with a careful and strict selection, sterilization and coffee cherry profiling. Subsequently, the first controlled anaerobic fermentation phase initiates, by adding a specific microorganism for each process. Later on, the coffee is pulped and then subject to a second fermentation phase. When the second fermentation phase is done, a thermal shock process is carried out through hot and cold-water shots in an effort to improve and boost the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee.

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