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Coffee Bag Sizes Update!

Coffee Bag Sizes Update!

Hey gang! We just wanted to drop a quick line to say that we’ve heard you where bag sizes are concerned! We’re changing things up a titch.

What’s staying the same?

Glitter Juice, Smoke & Mirrors, and Brighteous Brews (currently Women in Coffee) will continue to be packaged in 340g formats. We think it’s important to keep these where they’re at, as they’re the staples in our lineup.

What’s new?

We’ll be offering both Glitter Juice and Smoke & Mirrors in 5lb formats! Please note that to purchase a 5lb bag, we do require advance notice by way of ordering online for either cafe pickup, or shipment. We will not be stocking 5lb bags of coffee on the cafe retail shelves at this time.

What's changing? We’ve heard from our customer base that where more exotic coffees are concerned, smaller quantities are the way to go.  The thinking behind this is that with so many incredible Roasters out there, packaging special coffee in smaller formats enables customers to explore more while maintaining fresher roast dates. Additionally, smaller formats allow Roasters to keep the coffee’s end price down, which is a win for everyone! Like everything in the world right now, coffee is rising in price due to a multitude of reasons, more than we can get into here. Our intention of bringing in diverse small lot coffees remains the same and will never be something we as a company will compromise on.

All this to say that Wild Side and Bright Side coffees will be joining the likes of Far Side coffees in that going forward, in that they will be packaged in 250g formats. To boot, this shift positively affects our buying strategy slightly in that we now can explore unique, higher-priced coffees that in a 340g format would fetch a $35+ price tag.

What if I still want 340g of Wild and Bright side coffee??

No worries! If you’re in Kelowna, we do offer bulk fill at the cafe by the oz when you bring your own container, so you can grab whatever quantity you’re after! We’re working to expand this program down the line, so keep an eye out for some cool stuff :)

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