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Tekangu Tegu AA (Washed) - Kenya

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💥  Pink Starburst, Jam, Papaya

Coffees from Kenya have developed a bit of a reputation around being super deep, curranty, and if not carefully processed or roasted, kinda like tomato soup. We're extremely pleased to share an incredibly balanced and smooth coffee from Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society that we feel may turn the tides on many coffee lovers' perspective of Kenyan Coffees. 

We don't get the deep punch in the face that we love from so many Kenyan coffees on this one. Instead, we appreciate the very subtle and gentle expression of Papaya, followed by the sweetness of a freshly unwrapped Pink Starburst, trailing off into a light jammy vibe. 

It's truly unique, and wonderful. There is still the classic body and profile of a Kenyan coffee in there, but it's balanced by a flavour experience we've likened to unwrapping a vintage strawberry candy when the sun sets. 

If you're a tried and true Kenyan coffee lover, this coffee will absolutely delight your senses. If you've had experiences with Kenyan coffees in the past that didn't align with your preferences, this coffee may very well change your tune.

📝  Specs

Tastes: Pink Starburst, Jam, Papaya
Feels: Unwrapping a vintage strawberry candy while the sun sets
Side: *Wild Side

Origin: Kenya
: Nyeri
Farmers Cooperative Society: Tekangu FCS
Altitude: 1800masl
Varietals: Batian, SL-34, Ruiru 11, SL-28
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 16-24 Hours
Soaking: 16-18 Hours
Drying Method: Raised Beds
Drying Time: 21 Days

📖  Story 

 From Apex Coffee Imports

The Tegu factory is part of the Tekangu FCS in central Kenya, an organization that oversees several factories in this area. Tekangu FCS is currently made up of 1200 member farmers, each with around 100 trees. The name Tegu comes from the name of a river nearby that translates to "low place".

It was famous for its agricultural production indicating the area around the factory was fertile. During harvest, smallholders deliver ripe cherries to this factory for processing. An initial period of sorting occurs to ensure only the highest quality cherries get depulped and separated for fermentation. After a period of fermentation, the coffees are washed and soaked in another tank to develop the recognizable crisp acidity and sparkly characteristics found in coffees from this region.

In the final stage, a period of drying occurs where the coffee beans are covered on raised beds and manually rotated every few hours. The final cup exhibits a refreshing tanginess with an intense sweetness that dominates the cup.

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