Santa Ana, Volcan, El Salvador - Limited Run Coffee (150g Tin)

Santa Ana, Volcan, El Salvador - Limited Run Coffee (150g Tin)

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Bright Club Drop #2!!!!! We wanted to highlight and explore an element in coffee processing that has been gaining notoriety in our industry in recent years - Anaerobic fermentation. 

These coffees ferment in a zero oxygen environment (stainless steel tanks) with a valve to allow for off-gassing. The theory around Anaerobic methods is that a zero oxygen environment limits the types of microbes that are able to survive and participate in fermentation, which can substantially alter the end flavour profile. Anaerobic coffees are known for their incredibly precise & immediately identifiable flavour notes. 

We get Tangerine, Vanilla Bean, and a slight sweet funkaliciousness towards the end, but the award for most specific tasting note goes to our Events Coordinator Elise, who immediately pinned down 'an upside-down pineapple cake with maraschino cherries'.

You can find resources to learn more about Anaerobic Fermentation on our blog at



Tastes: Tangerine, Vanilla Bean, Funkalicious
FeelsThe funk shall be within us

Region: Santa Ana, Volcan
Farm: La Divina Providencia
: Roberto Ulloa 
Varietals: Orange Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude1500 - 1700 masl
Fermentation Time: 90-hour Anaerobic
Drying Method: Raised Beds
Importer: Mountain Coffee



Benefitting from the countries richest volcanic soils on the slopes of the Ilamatepec mountain range, La Divina Providencia in the Palo Campana micro-region of El Salvador is a renowned farm with roots dating back to 1875. The farm was purchased by Roberto Ullua, a fifth-generation coffee farmer and Agronomist, in the early 2000s. Largely abandoned at the time, his efforts over the years to restore the farm for production have resulted in incredible coffees. 

Winning numerous top 5 finishes in El Salvador's Cup of Excellence awards, coffees from this farm are known for their floral & whiney flavours, with bright acidity and round body. Producing mostly Red Bourbon, Orange, & Kenya Bourbon, Divina Providence is working on new plantations to develop Pacamara & Geisha Varietals.

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