Finca la Bendita, Costa Rica - Bright Side Coffee
Finca la Bendita, Costa Rica - Bright Side Coffee
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Finca la Bendita, Costa Rica - Bright Side Coffee

Finca la Bendita, Costa Rica - Bright Side Coffee

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Fermenting in cherry for up to 36 hours, Tito Monge’s ‘Reposado’ Red Honey processing method yields coffees with incredible depth and flavour. If you've experienced Honey Process coffees before, Finca la Bendita is a must-try! 



Tastes: Peach, Vanilla Wafer
FeelsCorrectly pronouncing Herb Ervling… ger. Burt Hurnkiven. Erv Herlinger. Bing Livehinger. Liveling. Bert Herkern.

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Farm: La Bendita
Producer: Tito Monge
Micro Mill: D’Nincho
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Red Honey
Altitude: 1500-1600 masl
Fermentation: In cherry then demucilaged
Drying Method: Raised Begs
Drying Time: 12-15 Days
Importer: Apex Coffee Imports



Christain ‘Tito’ Monge continues to produce some of the most interesting coffees in all of Tarrazu. His family farm ‘La Bendita’ is a joint venture between him and his three sisters (Erica, Marianela & Carolina) with him taking the lead to grow and process the coffee they produce. He has planted an updated variety of Catuai called SH3 which is more leaf rust-resistant while maintaining the productivity and cup quality of the standard variety. His ‘Reposado’ method of processing continues to produce an amazing depth and complexity of flavour.


Tito utilizes ‘in cherry fermentation’ (referred to as ‘reposado’) to add depth, character and complexity to his coffee. Most farms in Costa Rica utilize mechanical means to remove mucilage from the coffee parchment rather than using fermentation to achieve this. While this is much more environmentally friendly, the lack of this fermentation step can lead to a less complex, standardized flavour profile. By fermenting in cherry for up to 36 hours in a controlled temperature environment, the flavour profile is dramatically more complex than other Catuai honey processed coffees.

Reposado Red Honey

After the cherries are carefully picked, they are deposited into a sheltered receiving tank and left in a controlled temperature environment for 36 hours. Then, they are depulped and processed through a mechanical demucilager where approximately 70% of the mucilage is left intact on the parchment. That parchment is then laid out on raised beds under full sunlight for 12-15 days depending on temperature. Tito turns the parchment several times throughout the day and the strong winds and dry temperatures in Tarrazu at harvest time are perfect for even drying.


Coffee orders are roasted and shipped/delivered within 3 to 5 business days 

+ .50cent Grinding charge if your order requires grinding


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