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Mataquescuintla - Guatemala

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🎩  If coffee could hug you, this one would do a good job

Returning for the third year is a coffee from the Mataquescuintla project! The Mataquescuintla project realized a dream that Bright Jenny had been aspiring to - purchasing coffee year after year from producers with whom we have direct relationship with! For the full story behind this coffee, please scroll down to the story section, it's worth a read!

This lot comes to us from Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzales, a beautiful washed Pache San Ramón. We were immediately struck with how sweet this one presents, with precise notes of Cranberry, Almond Rocca, and Toasted Cocoa. 


📝  Specs

Tastes: Cranberry, Almond Roca, Toasted Cocoa
FeelsPutting another log on a cozy bustling fire
Side: *Brighteous Brews

Origin: Guatemala
: Mataquescuintla
Producer: Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzales
Process: Washed
Varietals: Pache San Ramón
Altitude: 1600 masl

📖  Story

A couple of years ago, an email popped into our inbox from our friends @bowscoffeeroasters. In recent years, Mataquescuintla (a community in Guatemala) has been peacefully protesting a mining project that threatens both the environment and the livelihood of many coffee farmers in the region. The story is much more complicated than we can begin to explain here, but the impact on the farmers in this region is serious and unsettling. We have committed to partnering with Bows & Arrows in purchasing coffee from this group of farmers year after year. If you would like to dive into the details of this story, visit our friends and leaders of this project on their website:⁣

In 2019, we brought in a coffee from Jorge de Jesus Zuleta Castaneda - you may remember it as the bag with the badass illustration of Jorge gracing the front, or how wonderfully balanced the coffee was - it was often in our cups throughout its tenure at the shop.⁣

In 2020, we had the opportunity to bring in coffee from Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzales. Coming from a long lineage of farmers stretching back to 1967, Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzales plants the Pache varietal at 1600 meters above sea level, and is involved in supporting reforestation efforts in the region. ⁣

Jump forward to this year, and we are again over the moon about the opportunity to feature Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzales' coffee again. It's wonderful to taste the difference a year can make, as Abel Ortiz works to further refine his coffee-growing practices. From this lot, our cup tasted as if it were filled with Cranberry, Almond Rocca, and Toasted Cocoa. 

** Label Image by Magic Pattern on Unsplash  🙌🏻   🙌🏻   🙌🏻

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Thanks for a great year everyone, Happy Holidays!!

Love Bright Jenny

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