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Maria Delgado - Colombia

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🍦  A Coffee so sweet, it's like a dang Ice Cream Cone

Highly regarded amongst Bright Jenny staff and customers alike, Maria's coffee is back and tasting better than ever! When we featured Finca el Choco last year, we were constantly met with comments appreciating how sweet and balanced the coffee was, and we're happy to report that this year's crop is a marked improvement on these fronts. 

There is something to be said about coffees coming out of Nariño - to put it lightly, it's a region world-renowned for its incredible terroir. We appreciate this coffee's balance between gentle melony notes and the light acidity of a Fuji Apple, while also introducing little hits of Raspberry and Black Tea as it cools. 

📝  Specs

Tastes: Papaya, Fuji Apple, Ice Cream Cone
Feels: Noticing a new leaf coming in with mega fenestrations
Side: *Bright Side

Origin: Colombia
Department: Nariño
Municipality: Buesaco

: Finca el Chocó
Producer: Maria Delgado
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2100 masl
Fermentation Time: 17 hours
Drying Method: Patio
Drying Time: 12 Days

Importer: Apex Coffee


From Apex Coffee:

This coffee historically was never separated as its own specific lot. Due to the hardworking efforts of the buyers at CO-OP Especiales and the clients of international buyers such as Apex, Maria's coffee was cupped and kept separate due to its impressive quality. By doing this, Maria received a large bonus as part of the Apex specialty lot program in Nariño. The area where she lives, Buesaco, has one of the best terroirs for producing high scoring specialty coffee in Colombia, and this year's lot is no exception. It's clean and well structured profile can be attributed to the continuous improvements she has made to her farm each year. This is the third time we have brought her coffee to Canada and we are so proud and excited to share it with you again in 2022. 

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We're taking a quick breather over the holidays!

PLEASE NOTE that orders placed between Dec 25th & Jan 3rd will ship out & be available for pickup on Thursday December 30th.

Thanks for a great year everyone, Happy Holidays!!

Love Bright Jenny

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