Smoke & Mirrors, Peru - Dark Side Coffee
Smoke & Mirrors, Peru - Dark Side Coffee
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Smoke & Mirrors, Peru - Dark Side Coffee

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How do you like your beans


Our "Dark Roast". Although you won't find bright fruity notes in this cup; this dark rich cup of joe still has plenty of character. Nathanael has worked his roasting wizardry to make this roast dark without taking away too many of the original flavours of the beans. Is it really a dark roast? Hmmmmm


Tastes: Molasses, Dark Chocolate, Rich
Feels: Unflinchingly staring into the Eye of Sauron
Side: *Dark Side

Origin: Peru
Varietal: Arabica Typical, Caturra, Bourbon
Process: Washed
Producer: Perunor
Certifications: OCIA, NOP, USDA, Bird Friendly, SMBC, FLO
Importer: West Coast Coffee Traders



The farmers that produce coffee exported by Perunor, follow strict quality control systems, from initial planting to harvesting and environmental conservation. The farmers participate in regular training sessions to continue to improve the systems already in place that are funded by coffee sales and by organizations such as the World Bank. The shade-grown coffee produced by Perunor grows in soil rich in organic matter and naturally occurring minerals. The cherry shells are used to create an organic compost used to enhance the acidity of the soil. The coffee trees are shaded by native trees with heights ranging from 12-30m, which follows their environmental conservation philosophy. The farmers partake in small committees that comprise the Selva Andina Association. Through these groups, the farmers participate in community efforts to further enhance their environments. The coffee produced by the Perunor farmers meets international standards for excellence and is consistently a high standard organic or gourmet quality.

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Shipments are sent out from the roastery on Monday's & Friday's. For In-Store Pickups, please wait for the email notifying you that your order is ready for pickup - usually within 1 business day.

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Coffee Grinding Policy

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** We charge an addition .50c Grinding Fee per bag for coffee that needs to be pre-ground. 

But hang on a sec!

We'd be remiss if we didn't take a minute to mention WHY we think you should track down a grinder to enjoy the best cup of joe possible. When coffee is ground, the stuff inside that makes it unique and amazing begins to degass. The longer your coffee sit's around ground, the more it degasses and becomes a ghost of the beautiful bean it once was. Of course, there are times when grinding to brew isn't possible, you do you man - we figured we'd drop some knowledge in the event it provides a bit of info that ultimately leads you to a better brew! 

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