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San Isidro - Costa Rica

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🍓  200 years of Family tradition = INCREDIBLE Coffee

Coming to us from Fifth-generation coffee farmer Alejo Castro, we have a unique Red-Honey process coffee from Volcan Azul! A combination of over 200 years of family tradition in specialty coffee farming, along with extremely fertile volcanic soil - to say this coffee is complex would be an understatement. You'll experience a multitude of flavour combinations as the coffee cools, and we were taken with how smooth these flavours were in their competition for your attention.

📝  Specs

Tastes: Apricot, Plum, Vanilla Bean
Feels: Learning Snape was actually a good guy (spoiler)
Side: *Wild Side

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: West Valley
Farm: Volcan Azul (West Valley)
Producer: Alejo Castro
Micro Mill: Volcan Azul
Varietals: San Isidro
Process: Red Honey
Altitude: 1500 masl
Drying Method: Patio
Drying Time: 11 Days


From Apex Coffee:

This is the third year we are bringing in coffees from our valued partner and friend, Alejo Castro & his family. Alejo Castro is the fifth generation descendant of renowned coffee pioneers Alejo C. Jimenez and Wilhelm Kahle. Alejo's ancestors planted some of the first specialty coffee plantations in the early 1900s with the aim to produce the best coffee in the world. With over 200 years of family tradition in trading specialty coffee, Alejo's mission for the farm has been exclusively focused on improving coffee quality while making a positive impact on the environment. The highly fertile volcanic soil combined with the mill's impeccable processing methods have produced a history of award-winning coffees in Costa Rica. This new lot we are bringing in from Volcan Azul is incredibly chocolatey, bright, and fruity with lots of lingering sweet citrus notes. 


"This variety originated from selected lines of T5296 sent from Portugal (Timor H382-2 X Villa Sarchí). Its name comes from the closest town from our farm where these experiments took place, many of them at Volcan Azul and tested different lines of this Sarchimor hybrid looking for high quality, high yield and resistance to diseases." 


Alejo continues: 

"Red Honey, after measuring brix content we start harvesting the cherries. We separate floaters and then we depulp the cherries without washing the mucilage. We bring the coffee to the drying patio and let them still for one day so the mucilage gets stuck to the bean. After that we start stirring the coffee from 8am to 2pm and then cover it with plastic to maintain temperature during the night. This process lasts for around 11 days until it's between 10.5-11% humidity. Then we rest the coffee for 1.5-2 months and start preparing it for export by hauling it and sorting it by size, density and colour.

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Thanks for a great year everyone, Happy Holidays!!

Love Bright Jenny

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