Gedeb Natural, Ethiopia - Wild Side Coffee
Gedeb Natural, Ethiopia - Wild Side Coffee
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Gedeb Natural, Ethiopia - Wild Side Coffee

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Hand-picked for ripeness and dried in thin layers to ensure constant fermentation, Getachew Eshete is known for producing complex & sweet coffees. 



Tastes: Strawberry Danish, Tropical
FeelsCharlie Brown happy dances
Side: *Wild Side

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Kochere, Gedeo (Yirgacheffe)
Producers: Getachew Eshete
Varietal: Heirloom (traditional & improved)
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1800-2200 masl
Fermentation Time: 72 hours
Drying Method: Raised Beds
Drying Time: 15-20 days
Importer: Apex Coffee Imports



From Apex:
Getachew is a very experienced producer who is known for his skill in managing high quality, efficient production levels. Around 600 smallholder farmers deliver ripe cherries to this washing station, many of which are from small family plots that include recently planted trees of improved varietals as well as traditional old varieties. Once cherries have been delivered to the washing station, the laborious hand selection of ripe cherries begin. Next, cherries are dried on thin layers of raised beds to ensure consistent fermentation levels. This process requires intense labour and immaculate attention to detail to ensure the flavours are well maintained and stable. The rich soil around this area combined with the processing method contributes to a refined final cup that is focused, sweet and complex.

From Getachew (translated):
“Producing great natural coffees is challenging and it requires at least as much attention to details as producing good washed coffees. The cherries are the hand sorted for un-ripe and over ripe cherries to get a sweeter and cleaner product. The natural coffee is normally processed at the later part of the harvest and that’s when the harvest is peaking at the higher altitudes. The first face of drying is crucial and are in relatively thin layers on the tables to avoid fermented flavors and it should reach what’s called the ‘raisin’ stage at about 25% moist in a few days. It’s important to move the cherries carefully to avoid damage on the fruit. In the second phase, from 25%-12% moist, the layers are built up, and it’s constantly moved during daytime, and needs some rest midday and at night. To fast drying will increase the very fruity flavors and make it unstable, but to slow drying can create mould and other off flavors. It’s a costly process that requires good labor and attention if you want it at the highest quality levels.”


Coffee orders are roasted and shipped/delivered within 3 to 5 business days 

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